22 February 2010

Late event updates

Yeah so I got the car driving all good and everything. I was getting excited for the event on the 13th of feb and wouldn't you know it the night before that it freaking snowed! I mean this is south carolina. It wasn't just a little snow either we got 8 inches... Crazy.

So even though my friends tried to stop me from driving the 2 hours to Myrtle Beach I soldiered on and got to the event in one piece. Amazingly they didn't cancel it but very few people came to drive so I got loads and loads of track time. I must have done 40 something runs.

Well anyway here is some video from the event im sure thats more interesting.

07 February 2010

Yay! the car is back together now but I am still getting goodies in the mail.
I am putting a new water pump on it whenever the weather decides to not shit all over me. And I got some new tires for the front.



yeah buddy

05 February 2010

02 February 2010

More work

Tore everything down today and started removing my a/c. It has never worked since I have owned the car so I figure it's about time to start removing unnecessary weight.
Plus I need to fix my thermostat housing and install my new spal fan.