15 July 2009

mmmmm.... mustang?


yeah so the event went awesome, I didn't have much time to actually do a full update before, so here it goes. So woke up early in the morning and rounded everyone up and headed out on the 2 hour drive to Charlotte for the event and for like the first time in 2 years I showed up early, and I remembered why being early sucks. Well with that out of the way we set up shop there by the fence by getting the grill ready and grilling up some delicious meat in the form of burgers. The little pop up awning I bought was a cheap POS that wouldn't stay up without being tied to every heavy object in our disposal but it gave us the shade we needed for the long wait to drive that is normal at these events.


Tech went smooth and soon we were set up in run groups, I was in group C and Alan was in group D ( which was nice since I had a vynal "D" on my windshield from the last event. First runs were great aside from a spin or two since the tires I was running were worn down to steel even before I made a run on them ( NOO grip at all) And I was told those runs were the best first runs by anyone there, Idk if this is true or not but yeah. The set of tires I was on only lasted 3 runs and on the 3rd run the passengers side blew up and popped my rear bumper halfway off (LOL) people seemed to enjoy that. Went in and changed tires then it was Alan's turn. This was his first serious time trying to drift in a car (Instead of a truck on dirt der'her) so its understandable that he was a little cautious. He spun most every run but made good progress throughout the day and managed to pull off a few nice transitions at the end of the day and completed some decent slides. More seat time and he'll be set.

Then it was my turn again and this time I actually had a set of tires on the back that had grip. Plus they are my favorite slide tires of all time (Continental sportcontact 2's) so this time I had alot more control over the car and proceeded to rip the tracks face off, with linking every one of my 5 runs in my run group and blowing up the passenger side tire in the middle of run 5. The tire blew on the second corner of the last run but I still held control over the car and completed linking the course with a flat tire (VIDEO BELOW).

Threw on my next set of tires to drive home on and then went out for one run on them to see that they were like. I had never driven on these brand and model tires before (Dunlop direzza DZ101) before so I was excited to see if they were as good as Chelsea used to say they were. They were very good first run on them I linked the course again and felt very confident on them even though one tire had 30psi in it and the other had 40psi (Oops..)


Then actually the highlight of my day. I got to drive a bone stock '08 ford mustang GT manual. When I say drive I mean slide that bitch around like it owed me money. The young man who let me drive it was cool as hell for letting me take a spin in it. I was amazed at how good it was straight out of the factory, it understeered a little bit but nothing you couldn't drive around. I linked the entire course first time out in it no problem (sorry no video :( ). I used to hate mustangs and ford but after driving that car I have had thoughts about buying one lol, don't worry though in too broke to do that anyway.


09 July 2009

Having fun, going broke

soo I installed the eyeball arms, front control arms, swaybar endlinks, and tie rods like 2 days ago and got it aligned yesterday and well. I can't really tell much of a difference to be honest... I mean its feels a bit tighter but other than that its not too different or so I thought. Well turns out you can't tell the difference until the car is traveling in a lateral motion lol. Big difference when sliding the car. I went out in the rain yesterday and slid some off ramps with like total control. Much better feedback through the wheel and overall more predictable well worth the money.

Now the next thing is that I am driving in another event this Sunday and its a practice event so I thought I would use it to coach the other members of my team. Really we don't even have a name for it yet, and currently I am the best driver out of the bunch and thats not saying much. Well anyway Alan is going to be driving my car and trying to learn how to drift. The car is a decent setup so he really shouldnt have to much trouble.

Now I just have to survive on like 10 bucks till next wed.

01 July 2009

YES...... wait

well I installed the intake mani only because I didnt have any money for an alignment and the manifold I already had all the parts for.

Yeah that shit wasn't as easy as it sounded. I mean I took the old one off and put all the adapter stuff on the new manifold then tried to hook it all up. It took me like 45 mins to take apart and like 3 hours to put back together. Getting everything lined up was a BITCH! Also after I started it, it ran like shit, wouldn't idle worth a damn. So then I figured I'll drive it and let it learn in the new manifold, yeah that didn't work. It would die at every stop light. So I looked at it again and I had a harness on my fuel rail that wasnt plugged in. Hmmm what did that go to? I looked for like an hour and couldnt figure out what it plugged into and since I was a ways away from my computer I just simply drove home without hooking it up.

The next day I figured it out and all was well. The car is faster but for some reason my rev limiter is cutting in 300 rpm sooner and not exactly in the smoothest fashion. I am now getting backfires when I hit the limiter. sounds kinda cool but im a tad bit worried about it. IDK mercedes benz certified tech doesn't mean jack, I still can't diagnose a problem in less than a damn week.