The Bimmer

*Update* This car is long gone.

Ok what we have here sounds like a incredibly awesome vehicle on paper, in reality its a large pile of crap. Even so I still love it.

Here is the rundown since everyone seems to want to know.

Chassis - 1998 BMW 328is coupe
Engine - 1997 BMW M3 US spec S52B32

Engine upgrades
- Eurosport carbon intake
- Bimmerworld silicone intake elbow
- M50 Intake manifold
- Clutch fan delete
- Spal Big ass electric fan
- Jim Conforti Shark injector
- Bimmerhaus 3" auto-x exhaust (no cats)
-  230whp, Dyno sheet

Suspension upgrades
- Ground control/Koni Track/school coilovers
- Front spring rate eibach 550lb/in (10kg/mm) Rear Swift 780lb/in (14kg/mm)
- UUC swaybars
- Ground control Rear camber arms
- Treehouseracing Eyeball arms
- Ground control camber caster plates
- Turner motorsport full aluminum differential bushings
- Factory steering angle limiting tie rod lock washers replaced with flat.
- Polyurethane Rear trailing arm bushings
- BMW motorsport Front under X-Brace

Drivetrain Upgrades
- M3 3.23 rear differential rebuilt for 50% lock
- UUC Transmission mounts with enforcers
- M3 Guibo
- Rogue Short shifter
- Big black delrin dildo shift nob
- F1 racing stage 3 clutch
- F1 racing 16lb LWT flywheel

- Fullish factory interior
- Sunroof removed
- Powered By Max Hydraulic Hand brake
- Stock crappy leather electric seats which adjustments are broken
- stock steering wheel (falling apart)

- smoked clear stuff
- Knock off M3 front bumper
- Ebay Headlights with built in weak halo's
- Various Body mods courtesy of walls (dents, bumps, scrapes, completely ziptied on rear bumper, etc)

- 4  17x8 et 13 Polished Gotti j55a's with Dunlop Z1 Star specs
- 8  17x7.5 et 38 330ci double five spokes with whatever crap I can put on them


I've owned it now for over three years and it has served me unbelievably well. This car has been beaten pretty badly and it just comes back wanting more. Sure I've broken stuff but so far nothing to terribly hard to fix. It has some issues but they could be fixed if I could be bothered.


  1. I love your page man, i just bought a 1998 Bmw 328is coupe (same car) so far i've just thrown better struts and sways and an upgraded Eibach chip. Any suggestions?

  2. Sick e36 man. Why do you call it a pile of crap lol?