30 May 2011

NotHotlanta Part. 2

So now we move on to the Pro side of the event.

24 May 2011

NotHotlanta Part. 1

So after 2 years absence I was finally able to go to another FD event. I specifically chose my leave dates in order to go to FD Atlanta this year. This event means a lot to me and I was thrilled to be able to go before I made my flight out to Germany just a few short days later.

This first part will focus on some pro-am coverage. I love the more grassroots side of things, especially since I knew most of the drivers that were involved and I was having a blast hanging out with all my old friends.

23 May 2011

I Heart Karting!

While I was in the states I stopped by one of my favorite go kart tracks, Palm Beach International Raceway.

22 May 2011

Random Snap

Shot this the night before the Space shuttle was supposed to go up. You gotta show up early to get good parking :)

More Vacation Photos

Im sure you are tired of the random vacation photos but I'm sorta proud of these.

18 May 2011

Good old Daytona


There are things to be said about places that you have lived in your life but there really only can be one place you can call your "favorite". This place is special to you for certain reasons maybe you can't even describe what the reasons are but you just know they are there.

12 May 2011

Soo... Germany

Quick little update. I have successfully made the move to ramstein and I will be doing a half-assed job covering whatever I feel like over here. Sometime this week I will be putting up some pictures and other vulgarness that I accrued while I was on vacation in the USA.