23 May 2011

I Heart Karting!

While I was in the states I stopped by one of my favorite go kart tracks, Palm Beach International Raceway.

I hadn't been there in a while and I was surprised to see they had brand new karts that handled wonderfully. Plus their prices stayed pretty much the same so I was very excited to get to go Karting after such and long time.
I was out with a group of guys who were doing this as part of a bachelor party. Now I wish I could be modest but I am a pretty egotistical prick. I totally wiped the floor with them. I lapped all of them at least 3 times per ten minute session. This is normally the case when ever I've gone karting.
Hi Mom.
As fun as passing n00bs is, I really would like to get out and drive with people of my skill level sometimes so that I can get even faster.


  1. i see... cant invite nobody karting? i live like 5-10 mins from the track.

  2. I didn't have your number bro, plus I didn't really think about inviting people. Next time man.