29 March 2011

(really late post) New lenses!

*This post is really late since I bought these months ago but anyways*

I went ahead an Bought myself a few new lenses and I thought I'd share some pictures I took with them.

First off is my new Nikon Nikkor 35mm 1.8

This is a Prime lens so it has no zoom at all it is just 35mm focal length so it is very close to the natural view of the human eye on a nikon DX sensor camera like my D3100. I love this lens, it takes amazingly clear and sharp pictures even in really low light. Like this shot right here....

27 March 2011

A short video I made from last weekend. I had the chance to go up to a South Korean drift event. I didn't even know they had these plus I didn't even know this track existed. But anyways im not really happy with the video.

15 March 2011

New years in Seoul


Yeah I know this is late but you know what "they" say. So I went to Seoul to celebrate new years with my friends. New years to me isn't just "New Start" that it is to most people or simply another year gone by as it is also my Birthday. Yes I am a new years baby as much as I tired of being called that (Oooohh you're a new years baby!). So I decided to actually do this new years up right and make up for last year (I was in Afghanistan and had to work :Sad Face:)

12 March 2011

US Hobby

On our way to seoul I decided to stop in a local hobby shop that is near base.
They have some pretty cool stuff that you don't always see in hobby shops in the states.