15 March 2011

New years in Seoul


Yeah I know this is late but you know what "they" say. So I went to Seoul to celebrate new years with my friends. New years to me isn't just "New Start" that it is to most people or simply another year gone by as it is also my Birthday. Yes I am a new years baby as much as I tired of being called that (Oooohh you're a new years baby!). So I decided to actually do this new years up right and make up for last year (I was in Afghanistan and had to work :Sad Face:)

But anyways here is some of the pictures I took.
This guys jacket was cool as hell
Pictures like these are the reason I bring my camera everywhere.
crazy looking truck thing we found
You can see some of the bit of ice still on the ground, it was very slick (obviously) and everywhere, its a big hazard for drunk people lol.
I liked the lighting on this C230 K

Oh yeah I got a hair cut just for this weekend. Is it a little much?

Doin' my thing in the club, laugh all you want but its fun.

jugglin them glowsticks

from left to right: Alan, John, Seth, Me

We will call this guy "Don". Don is a random drunk guy we met. He came and sat with us and offered to order the food, It was really shitty... He then said "Why the hell did you guys order that? That shit sucks"
Four people in a phone booth? you know it.

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