27 July 2010

Counting down the weeks

13 weeks until I get to take leave and go to japan on vacation. The time can not pass by quick enough. I am fully planning on buying a missile car through www.powervehicles.com to completely thrash at the autumn drift matsuri in november. In reality its not that long from now but I just wish the months would go by a bit quicker.

25 July 2010

New pics of the heap

So my buddy Alan who is storing my car at his place went out for a drive and saw a cool place to stop and take some pics. These were taken with the camera on his phone. I think they turned out pretty good despite that.

I think next time a real camera is in order. Plus the car needs a bath and some of the missing bodywork reinstalled.

02 July 2010

Keeping with the Oldie theme

since I have nothing "New" to post I got bored and uploaded a video that I hadn't bothered to put online.

MB drift in car run from paul otlewski on Vimeo.

Story is that this is a On car shot from my qualifying runs at MB drift. The first run I totally fubar'ed because I didn't warm my tires up and they were cold from taking a break earlier. The second run I went out and drove balls out but I still made a bunch of mistakes biggest of all was driving through the exit the wrong way netting me a off course and I DQ'ed myself. I was told later on after the competition by one of the judges that that run would have been worth the 2nd qualifing spot if I hadn't drove off course. Ohh well I still had fun either way.

ohh BTW this little POS blog just hit the 1000 hit milestone. yay and stuff, not that impressive I know.