25 January 2010

Yeah so I tried to drift in an event today and the car pretty much broke on the way to the track. The thermostat resivoir I replaced started leaking im not sure why but anyhow I left it at a gas station on the way to the track and went with my friends and slid their cars. I got to drive a LT1 manual firebird(stock), a AE86 levin coupe with a 4agze swap, and the RX7 I posted up here before the one with the small block in it. I actually linked the course in the firebird first try and got better with it in the following runs. The other two not so much. The AE86 I only got one run in but it was fun I spun out once durring the run so I think I could have done better, and the RX-7 really really needs more steering angle.

but yeah my car is still sitting there so im gonna try to fix it tomorrow.

23 January 2010

Sup guys! Im back in the states! since I have a bunch of stuff already done to the car I will list that and I have pics of some new stuff I bought with the monies I got from being in that hell hole of a country.


New bell SA2005 helmet
Ground control Rod end rear camber arms
Ebay clear tails
Spal electric fan
70*C thermostat
Aluminum thermostat housing
red line diff fluid (extra lockup formula)
bimmerworld traction control delete intake elbow
delrin black dildo shift knob
UUC clutch stopper
Go pro HD camera (on helmet)
Piloti Racing shoes

yeah so this is whats going in the car in the next few days lol