18 June 2011

Kaiserslautern Karting Center

Video from my trip to our local kart track, I was lapping in the low 48 seconds around the track. I have a  long way to go if I want to get close to the record of 44.4 seconds.

Sport Auto Tuner GP/Drift Part 1

I made my way over to the Hockenheimring last Saturday which is relatively a short drive from Ramstein, only about 1 hour or so depending on traffic. The track is interesting because it is right in the middle of Hockenheim proper. Most race tracks are located out in the sticks to that they are isolated from large population centers. The parking area for the track even had a kids daycare and city park incorporated into it.

11 June 2011

I am Very excite

I am Headed off to the Sport Auto drift challenge tomorrow. It is the biggest drift / Time Attack event in Germany. I can't wait to shoot some pics and meet some of the drivers from the area. Wish me luck! 

06 June 2011

Man I want one of these

Sigma just released a new lens that has me drooling. It is a 120-300mm 2.8 optically stabilized zoom.

04 June 2011

FD in the Gunshine state Live

Watch live video from driftstream on Justin.tv

Hell to the yeah

Selling out.

So I signed up for that google adsense crap. I know its a bit of a cop out since I just do this blog for fun but hey I get a decent amount of traffic here so I figure why not. There are ads all over the internet what difference is it going to make if I make a few bucks.

So heres a toast to being a corporate whore, Cheers!