18 June 2011

Sport Auto Tuner GP/Drift Part 1

I made my way over to the Hockenheimring last Saturday which is relatively a short drive from Ramstein, only about 1 hour or so depending on traffic. The track is interesting because it is right in the middle of Hockenheim proper. Most race tracks are located out in the sticks to that they are isolated from large population centers. The parking area for the track even had a kids daycare and city park incorporated into it.

When we walked in, we where met with all sorts of automotive pornography. There were immaculate examples of exotica where ever you turned.
Such as this neon green 6 series race car.
And a previous LeMans 24h race winning Audi, to the not so exotic but still classic
Like this extremely clean old school mini.
Then there was this car which I had never heard about before. Its called an Artega GT. A mid engine car with a 98,000 Euro price tag ouch...
Speaking of price tags this Brabus modified SLS had one in excess of 400,000 Euro damn!
This Gulf Oil themed Porsche race car drew my attention, I will always love that paint scheme.
Matte paint is a very popular trend here in germany and its easy to see why. This TT looks mean as hell.
This BMW 2002ti was one of the cars that was racing in the tuner GP race that day. It was way to clean to be a race car and under the hood...
.. was a M62 4.4L V8 from a E39 540i
Easily one of my favorite cars from the show.
Germans seemingly waste no time turning brand new production cars in to full race cars as seen by this BMW 1M.
I am also a big fan of the lotus Exige
"quick! to the batmobile!"
It was nice to see few restrictions on the pits. All the fans had easy access to pit lane and could check out the cars running in the day's activities up close.
Showing just how sick a good matte paint job can look.
This oldschool mercedes S class was sitting pretty all day on a set of mid nineties vintage AMG rollers.
There were even quite a few vintage DTM race cars on hand to take part in a race to remember the good ole' days.
These cars have been maintained meticulously and it showed.
some of the coolest cars were not part of the show per say but were in the parking lot like this 2002 WRX.

Thats it for this update. Watch for part two in a couple days.


  1. I had to at least check your blog out once! It is a completely foreign language to me but the pictures definitely intrigued me to look at more! Though I have no idea what I am appreciating or how much I should be ;)


  2. Well since my main interest is cars and motorsport. This just so happens to be what my blog is about mostly lol.