The Chaser

*Update* Car was sold due to not being able to bring it back to the US when I returned.

I acquired it in July 2011 and it has been my daily driver till may 2013

Its a 1999 Toyota Chaser Tourer V. 
I took these pictures before I bought it so its still pretty dirty from sitting in the lot collecting pollen. 

The car as I came to find out is a FACTORY manual (not common) Tourer V.  That last bit there means its a top of the line 1JZ-GTE model. Interesting thing is that the car is nearly devoid of options. It only has the items that were standard on the tourer V. So that means no sunroof, no cruise control, no power seats, no trunk monkey, etc. So pretty much my ideal JZX100 ('cept for the no cruise bit, that does annoy me).

I have wanted one of these cars since the first time I watched JDM Insider vol. 1 back when I first started being interested in Japanese car culture (when I was 14 I think). This car is quite literally my dream car and because of the fact that I am an American and Toyota never graced us with the ability to buy one domestically I had all but given up the thought of owning one.

I came to Germany 100% intent on buying another E36 and I was very close to pulling the trigger on one but then as I was walking through the base lemon lot on my way to grab some dinner I saw the Chaser sitting there in all its glory.  My brain came very close to exploding. Suddenly without even driving the car I threw every BMW thought out of my head and replaced it with "I MUST HAVE IT".

Well after much negotiation I took possession of it for a steal as in chasers of this condition with only 67k miles on them don't go for this cheap even in japan. I just had to pretty much do nothing over the next month since that was all could afford to do but it didn't matter. I bought my dream car.

And since then the car has had some upgrades and changes and in the coming months it will be seeing more events and track days. Here are some photo's I took of how it sits now with the wedssport SA-70's and a spec list after.




1999 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V
Engine: 1JZ-GTE Single turbo VVT-i

* Powered by Max Pro series Coilover suspension Fully adjustable for height and dampening.

* KTS Anti roll bars front and rear

* IKEYA formula Subframe lock collars

* FIGS Adjustable swaybar links front and rear

* FIGS Hyster Quick ratio steering knuckles

* FIGS Roll center adjusters

* FIGS Anti roll bar relocation brackets

* RB Racing 2pc front brake rotors w/stoptech pads

* TRD rear brake pads

* Cusco front and rear strut tower brace


* Wedssport SA-70 Forged Lightweight racing wheels 18X9 +32 front 18X9 +20 rears

* Factory 16" alloy wheels good for winter tires.


* Blitz Stainless Dryflow air filter

* Aluminum Racing radiator

* All coolant hoses replaced with silicone only 2 months ago.

* New water pump/ timing belt/ tensioner. rear and front main seal

* HPI 3" downpipe

* Trust 3" into 2X 2.5" exhaust with 2X 3" tips

* boost set to 14 psi

* Clutchmasters FX300 Performance clutch


* Powered by max Shift knob

* Custom Crown royal black shift boot.

* Doo luck Rear seat cross brace

* 60mm steeper motor boost gauge

* Kenwood head unit with Blue tooth and USB connection

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  1. Ты купил в германии его за 6000 USD? Он в Японии стоит не меньше... В России Данный автомобиль стоит 15000 USD