28 October 2012

[VIDEO] More K town karting

Its been more than a year since I posted a video from the local kart track. Went with my good friend Alan to the track last friday and neither of use set record times but we did run some extremely consistent ones. a 48 second time around the track is average, 47 second laps are quick and 46's are fast. My fastest around the track has been a 46.01 but that was pretty much perfect conditions, I average in the low 47's most of the time. The thing that set this time apart was Alan and I ran almost identical average lap times. My average was 47.63 his was 47.65. We also ran almost the same time for a fast laps mine a 47.20 to his 47.23. Pretty fucking cool. 

22 September 2012

Drifting on school course

Another video from my japan trip. This was right after we got the car driving so i had to shake off the rust and re learn how to drive the car/ course.

27 August 2012

25 August 2012

(VIDEO) Alan Rides with Daigo Saito

While we were at ebisu my best friend Alan was able to go for a ride along with Daigo on Minami (South) Course. The lucky bastard.

23 August 2012

(VIDEO) Drifting on north course

Just got back from Ebisu. I have uploaded a couple videos and this being the first. Its right after we got the transmission fixed in the car and I went up to lay down some runs on north course.

24 July 2012

(VIDEO) Playing with the Cefiro

Getting siked to get back to japan and go beat on my cefiro. I went through some older footage and threw this together.

21 July 2012

18 June 2012

(VIDEO) Just playing around

So I was screwing around at a local meet and this was the result.

06 June 2012

Reifen Direckt is awesome!


Fastest. Shipping. Ever. I ordered these tires yesterday and when I got home from work today these were on my doorstep. A loyal customer they have made.

05 June 2012

When Temp plates attack

was looking through my old videos, I had totally forgot about this one when my DTM tyte german temp plate tried to attack me mid drift a few years ago

05 May 2012

New Clutch

The thing about modifying cars is as soon as you install something new you immediately start looking forward to the next thing. Its a like an addiction, you become concerned only with where you are going to get your next fix. Sometimes though you don't have a choice as one of the modifications you added made another one needed and quick.

If you remember I talked about installing an exhaust on my car a while back. Well the new exhaust turned out to increase the available power and torque so much that my factory clutch decided it was (to quote Danny Glover) "Too old for this shit" and started slipping when I leaned on the go pedal.  So a few weeks ago I got on ye olde internet and ordered a new clutchmasters FX300 clutch and just last week I installed it.

Now having done a few clutch installs in the past I have to say this one was the most drama free I have ever encountered. At first I was a bit apprehensive due to having never worked with a pull type clutch before. Now i have to say I am a believer and cannot see why anyone would convert to a push type. The trans is soo much easier to stab with the pull type.

Now I am still breaking in the clutch but I have to say it is pretty damn nice. The engagement point is in exactly the right place ( I hated where the factory engagement was, at the very top). The new clutch for being rated to hold 110% more than factory is actually smoother than the stock one. I have to say that I am very pleased with it and can't wait till the break in phase is over so I can start beating on it.

28 April 2012

VIDEO: GP+ North loop

Went up to the 'Ring again. First time out there on the new Coilovers. I have to say it was a massive improvement over the last time I went. Oh and they had the full track open at the time. The GP and the north loop 15.2 miles of awesome.

25 April 2012

Sunday Hoonage

Playing around with the car after getting the coil overs set how I wanted them.

22 April 2012

This is my job I do this on Tuesday

So I sorta started up a business to make money on the side rolling car fenders. Its been going pretty good. I have been making about 200-300 bucks a month extra doing simple rolls and pulls for people. My Buddy Alan has been helping me out and we even started a Facebook page for it. Please like us on face book @ O&S Auto.

20 March 2012

A Full Weekend

Well I haven't updated in a while, I got a new exhaust on the car. It was a huge hassle but after all is said and done it sounds pretty damn good (how many 1jz don't sound good? lol)

Then Saturday night I was out at the local kart track bruising ego's and generally having a good time. Walked outside to go to my car and the douchenozzel that parked in front of me somehow didn't see my 4dr boat and backed into the front of my car at about 10mph.


So the way the insurance works over here I might have a Car Modify wonder carbon Hood and Full Aero Kit to help me with the healing process haha. I almost thanked the dude.

Then the next day went up to the ring and did a lap or two.

Then I got this shit in the mail, the FIRST set of JZX100 PSM Pro coilovers made, one of their fender rollers and new alloy lugs.

16kg Front 12Kg Rear

Now I don't have drive to on these sloppy boner Tein HA's anymore. Plus I can roll my fenders and get lower. Im stoked!

13 March 2012

New best lap time

lately I have been going to the local Kart track pretty frequently (original post/video about it here). I have managed to claw my way down from a personal best 48.58 second lap the first time I visited the track to a 46.20 second time on Sunday. I am now within 7 tenths of the track record (45.58). The first time I was at the track I didn't think I could find that much time no matter how much I practiced. But now I am hitting 46 second laps pretty consistently now and getting faster little by little. Once the track warms up a bit and if I can loose a bit of weight then I think I'll be in the high 45's in a month or so. Im fucking stoked!

08 March 2012

Vroom Vroom...psssh

About 6 months ago I was looking at ebay looking for X100 parts for my chaser and I happened upon a really nice Trust built used exhaust that was in japan but would ship internationally. It was a really good deal right around 340 bucks (CHEAP). I being the price minded person I am held myself back for ohh about 5 mins and then clicked the buy it now button like it owed me money.  To save even more money I had it sent by sea freight which was the cheapest and slowest (2 months) form of shipping offered but as it was about to be winter time I was in no hurry to subject my new exhaust to the snow and salt of the Fatherland. So slow shipping would save me a fair bit of money I sat back and awaited for it to show up.

Fast forward about 3 months I get a notice in the mail in German but I really have no idea what it says. I decipher that its about a package that I have to pick up. I was pretty excited as I was sure it was my exhaust and amazingly i had been right but in my poor understanding of German I didn't read that it would only be held for 2 weeks and then it would be sent back. Well I a was a bit late and well... you can guess what happened.

So the exhaust got sent back to Japan. Not only that they sent it express so the shipping cost nearly double what the slow shipping did. I got an Email from the seller saying it was sent back to him, he was very confused and rightfully so. I explained what happened and said that I would pay for what they charged him and pay for another round of slow sea shipping so that I could get it back here. So I have now paid in shipping almost about 200 bucks more than what I paid for the exhaust! Waiting around for another 3 months I finally see the notice in my box and I was off like a shot to the customs office to where they were holding it ransom. I lied said it was a gift and got it duty free suckers! I was all happy until about two days later when I tried to install it.

Turns out that it was shipped to me missing the cat to muffler pipe.... GRRRRRRR. So I had a word with the seller and he said as far as he knew it was supposed to be a cat back system but he would make it up to me at a later order. Since it is is not a new exhaust I guess there really is no way that he could just have a pipe to give me if he didn't have it in the first place. So I took the car to a local muffler shop and had them weld me up a pipe to fit. Which in Germany costs alot of fricken money. About 285 bucks! Crap I have spent nearly 900 US Dollars on a USED exhaust! Thats what I was thinking but then I heard it.... and suddenly the money didn't really matter anymore because it sounds exactly how I wanted it to. =)

I'll post up a video in a couple days of what it sounds like.

23 February 2012

Once upon an Orgy...

A man registered for a open drift day on the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit.

One Man...
One Toyota Chaser...
Not nearly enough tires...
Piner industries presents...

"I hope my shit doesn't break"

20 February 2012

16 February 2012


Well my hard drive in my laptop became all emo and decided that life wasn't worth living anymore. So I have been using this crappy tablet I traded my 50mm 1.4 lens for.  I was planning on flipping this tablet for a profit but seems that I need to keep this damn thing. I honestly can't for the life of me figure out what the appeal of tablets are. They aren't that light weight they are harder to use, you have to buy accessories to make them easier to use (keyboard, mouse, etc) and those pretty much turn them into a crappy laptop. Having used this one for going on a month now I still can't figure out why anyone would buy one over a cheap laptop.

Well guess I'll have to tear into my laptop and see what model number the hard drive is and get a new one. Lost a bunch of media that was going to be posted on the blog but oh well my fault for not backing it up.

12 February 2012

Well I am back in Germany

Yeah so I never made a post about leaving Germany but just FYI I have been in Texas for the last 3 weeks or so. I am very happy to be back in the Germany though.  The weather there was nicer but at the same time I don't think I'll be missing it.

09 February 2012

(Old) NEW video! Well not really but still cool.

So in keeping with my recent updates of things that should have been updates 6 months ago here is a video of me lapping the North Loop of the Nurburgring.  This is one of 4 laps I had that day but this one was the cleanest with the least amount of traffic. So this brings my lap tally up to 12 laps, I am eager for the ring to open back up so I can go back for more.

On this lap I managed a 9:49 bridge to gantry time with blown out tein coilovers and no name tires

08 February 2012

Speedbuggy steel frame shiftergasms Pt. 2

So I was able to set a time fast enough to convince the people at Dallas Karting Complex (DKC) to let me Take their Rotax DD2 shifter kart out for 10 mins. Soooo much FUN! The kart weighs 179lbs and has 34hp. 0-60 in like 3.8 seconds. Well anyways here is video taken by Chris on his Iphone (Left my camera at home sadly)

I want one even more now!

04 February 2012

Speedbuggy steel frame shiftergasms

Well I have had some spare time on my hands the last few days.  I am currently in Texas taking a class (Not one I wanted to take mind you) and am about 2 hours away from Dallas.  Well as it turns out there is a pretty badass kart track north eat of Dallas called... Dallas Karting Complex, catchy name.



So the first drift event in the chaser was a bit odd. German drift events are a bit different not only in cost but how they operate. more after the jump

03 February 2012

Nurburgring GP video

This is a bit old (Last veterans day)  but I never posted it. It is the first time I went up and drove on the Nurburg Grand Prix track and please excuse my cackling as I tend to do that when I get really excited. Best part about all of this is it only cost 34 euro. *Stay tuned till near the end as I start doing some skids*

As you can plainly see I had a blast.