05 May 2012

New Clutch

The thing about modifying cars is as soon as you install something new you immediately start looking forward to the next thing. Its a like an addiction, you become concerned only with where you are going to get your next fix. Sometimes though you don't have a choice as one of the modifications you added made another one needed and quick.

If you remember I talked about installing an exhaust on my car a while back. Well the new exhaust turned out to increase the available power and torque so much that my factory clutch decided it was (to quote Danny Glover) "Too old for this shit" and started slipping when I leaned on the go pedal.  So a few weeks ago I got on ye olde internet and ordered a new clutchmasters FX300 clutch and just last week I installed it.

Now having done a few clutch installs in the past I have to say this one was the most drama free I have ever encountered. At first I was a bit apprehensive due to having never worked with a pull type clutch before. Now i have to say I am a believer and cannot see why anyone would convert to a push type. The trans is soo much easier to stab with the pull type.

Now I am still breaking in the clutch but I have to say it is pretty damn nice. The engagement point is in exactly the right place ( I hated where the factory engagement was, at the very top). The new clutch for being rated to hold 110% more than factory is actually smoother than the stock one. I have to say that I am very pleased with it and can't wait till the break in phase is over so I can start beating on it.