About me

Hi my name is Paul "Piner" Otlewski. My hobbies consist of mostly being a loud and annoying douchebag but when I am not doing that I like to consider myself a decent performance driver with drifting being my main discipline. I try to get out to drift events when ever I can. My other increasingly big hobby is photography. It has sort of taken the place of drifting while I have been in korea where I was not allowed to have a car. I like to eat delicious animals and blow shit up too.

I currently live on Otterbach, Germany. Germany is amazing in its motorsports variety and beautiful scenery. I can't wait to explore this wonderful country.

I also would like to make this blog better so if you have any suggestions please feel free to spew some internet hate all over this page. It will probably be ignored and you will be dismissed as a quote "Hater".

and here is me riding a ridiculously awesome bike.


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  1. Paul,

    This is JonnySlick from DriftCentral.com remembeer me? Hit me up on FaceBook: Jonathan Robertson Las Vegas