The Cefiro

*UPDATE* Car is now SOLD as of August 2012

Yeah so I have this car that is currently in Japan waiting for me to drive it.  I bought it as a beater drift car for me to fool around with at ebisu circuit where it currently resides


The car used to have a body kit on it but I destroyed that pretty quickly with the many off track excursions I had.

I actually know very little about the car all I really know is that it has an RB20DET with a full exhaust (just a downpipe now) Tein mystery coilovers, some sort of aftermarket clutch type LSD, a bride seat, nardi steering wheel and a broken speedo.



After drifting this car I now have a newfound respect for people who drift RB20DET powered cars. They have no low end torque at all. RB20's are an amazingly lackluster engine.

 Here is a little video I have of me doing my thing at ebisu.

Matsuri Moments from paul otlewski on Vimeo.

Thanks for your time :)

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