08 March 2012

Vroom Vroom...psssh

About 6 months ago I was looking at ebay looking for X100 parts for my chaser and I happened upon a really nice Trust built used exhaust that was in japan but would ship internationally. It was a really good deal right around 340 bucks (CHEAP). I being the price minded person I am held myself back for ohh about 5 mins and then clicked the buy it now button like it owed me money.  To save even more money I had it sent by sea freight which was the cheapest and slowest (2 months) form of shipping offered but as it was about to be winter time I was in no hurry to subject my new exhaust to the snow and salt of the Fatherland. So slow shipping would save me a fair bit of money I sat back and awaited for it to show up.

Fast forward about 3 months I get a notice in the mail in German but I really have no idea what it says. I decipher that its about a package that I have to pick up. I was pretty excited as I was sure it was my exhaust and amazingly i had been right but in my poor understanding of German I didn't read that it would only be held for 2 weeks and then it would be sent back. Well I a was a bit late and well... you can guess what happened.

So the exhaust got sent back to Japan. Not only that they sent it express so the shipping cost nearly double what the slow shipping did. I got an Email from the seller saying it was sent back to him, he was very confused and rightfully so. I explained what happened and said that I would pay for what they charged him and pay for another round of slow sea shipping so that I could get it back here. So I have now paid in shipping almost about 200 bucks more than what I paid for the exhaust! Waiting around for another 3 months I finally see the notice in my box and I was off like a shot to the customs office to where they were holding it ransom. I lied said it was a gift and got it duty free suckers! I was all happy until about two days later when I tried to install it.

Turns out that it was shipped to me missing the cat to muffler pipe.... GRRRRRRR. So I had a word with the seller and he said as far as he knew it was supposed to be a cat back system but he would make it up to me at a later order. Since it is is not a new exhaust I guess there really is no way that he could just have a pipe to give me if he didn't have it in the first place. So I took the car to a local muffler shop and had them weld me up a pipe to fit. Which in Germany costs alot of fricken money. About 285 bucks! Crap I have spent nearly 900 US Dollars on a USED exhaust! Thats what I was thinking but then I heard it.... and suddenly the money didn't really matter anymore because it sounds exactly how I wanted it to. =)

I'll post up a video in a couple days of what it sounds like.

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