13 March 2012

New best lap time

lately I have been going to the local Kart track pretty frequently (original post/video about it here). I have managed to claw my way down from a personal best 48.58 second lap the first time I visited the track to a 46.20 second time on Sunday. I am now within 7 tenths of the track record (45.58). The first time I was at the track I didn't think I could find that much time no matter how much I practiced. But now I am hitting 46 second laps pretty consistently now and getting faster little by little. Once the track warms up a bit and if I can loose a bit of weight then I think I'll be in the high 45's in a month or so. Im fucking stoked!


  1. Dam that is fast. I just went there for the first time this past weekend. My best lap was 49.5 All I could get because the track was full of people in my way. The top for the day was 47.3

    How heavy are you? I am 185ish

  2. Hey Rick,

    I weigh in at about 180lbs and have been trying to cut weight so I can get faster. Its all about running a good line without sliding the kart. You have to conserve momentum and be smooth.

  3. Awesome post. It gets my adrenaline pumping. Way to go guys!