04 February 2012



So the first drift event in the chaser was a bit odd. German drift events are a bit different not only in cost but how they operate. more after the jump

They cost more than twice as much as most US events (Around $220) and they wet down the track on purpose which I find very weird.  I was explained that the water is there for three reasons. Number 1: Noise, as Germans are very considerate of their neighbors. Number 2: Makes it easier to learn, I don't really buy this one since the way they wet down the track makes it super inconsistent. Number 3: Germans find tire wear unacceptable and fear it like a redneck fears gay marriage. I showed a few fellow drivers pictures of my tire smoking efforts in the US and they were stunned at the number of tires I told them I go through per event. But they don't seem to think helmets are necessary for driver even if you have a cage lol.

So in short I got a feel for the chaser, cultural exchange happened and Drifting on track with no helmet is pretty cool.

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