25 January 2010

Yeah so I tried to drift in an event today and the car pretty much broke on the way to the track. The thermostat resivoir I replaced started leaking im not sure why but anyhow I left it at a gas station on the way to the track and went with my friends and slid their cars. I got to drive a LT1 manual firebird(stock), a AE86 levin coupe with a 4agze swap, and the RX7 I posted up here before the one with the small block in it. I actually linked the course in the firebird first try and got better with it in the following runs. The other two not so much. The AE86 I only got one run in but it was fun I spun out once durring the run so I think I could have done better, and the RX-7 really really needs more steering angle.

but yeah my car is still sitting there so im gonna try to fix it tomorrow.

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