24 May 2011

NotHotlanta Part. 1

So after 2 years absence I was finally able to go to another FD event. I specifically chose my leave dates in order to go to FD Atlanta this year. This event means a lot to me and I was thrilled to be able to go before I made my flight out to Germany just a few short days later.

This first part will focus on some pro-am coverage. I love the more grassroots side of things, especially since I knew most of the drivers that were involved and I was having a blast hanging out with all my old friends.

Old friends Like Frank from FAL Photo (He hates this picture)
And fello out of orlando, I owe him for the time my radiator exploded. He was at the event and turned out he had a spare one at his house. He drove me to his house (Almost and hour a away) to pick up it up and drove back and even helped me get it installed and bled out before the event ended and I was able to drive home. (Thanks big time man)
Plus he is a damn good driver
Then there was Ryan Kaufman who was kind enough to stop by and give me a ride from Florida up to Atlanta. He was out killing it all weekend even when his bumper was holding on for dear life.
Jason Giovanni was also out there killing it in his LS1 powered Banana hammock...I mean 240sx.
I miss the old burn orange color scheme of his old car so I make fun of the yellow everytime im around him to which he usually tells me to fuck off lol.
Then there is Jeremy Lowe, called J.lowe (just like the famous walking ass attached to a woman)
His driving style is perhaps my favorite out of all the florida drivers, He is very aggressive and never fails to impress me in one form or another.
Chris MotherFuckin' Jackson, in his 2JZ (no shit) powered Banana Con Big ass stripe. He was having Mechanical problems all event and was having a hard time staying in drift. Its a real shame because that car sounds sick.
Pat "I got a V8 Bro" Goodin, was driving extremely well all weekend despite having his tow vehical basically die on the spot when they showed up in the paddock.

Well most of those shots were taken during practice and qualifying. The actual competition was later that night after FD pro qualifying. I'll be honest I didn't take any pictures during the comp, I took video instead.  I have uploaded alot of it on my other youtube channel which can be seen @ Piner Productions

Then I took these crappy pics of the Podium ceremony when it was all said and done.
1st: Jeff Frontcakas 2nd: Chris Ward 3rd: Pat Goodin

The old man didn't want to show his face

Jason Giovanni happy that his car didn't break this time.

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