01 July 2009

YES...... wait

well I installed the intake mani only because I didnt have any money for an alignment and the manifold I already had all the parts for.

Yeah that shit wasn't as easy as it sounded. I mean I took the old one off and put all the adapter stuff on the new manifold then tried to hook it all up. It took me like 45 mins to take apart and like 3 hours to put back together. Getting everything lined up was a BITCH! Also after I started it, it ran like shit, wouldn't idle worth a damn. So then I figured I'll drive it and let it learn in the new manifold, yeah that didn't work. It would die at every stop light. So I looked at it again and I had a harness on my fuel rail that wasnt plugged in. Hmmm what did that go to? I looked for like an hour and couldnt figure out what it plugged into and since I was a ways away from my computer I just simply drove home without hooking it up.

The next day I figured it out and all was well. The car is faster but for some reason my rev limiter is cutting in 300 rpm sooner and not exactly in the smoothest fashion. I am now getting backfires when I hit the limiter. sounds kinda cool but im a tad bit worried about it. IDK mercedes benz certified tech doesn't mean jack, I still can't diagnose a problem in less than a damn week.

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