09 July 2009

Having fun, going broke

soo I installed the eyeball arms, front control arms, swaybar endlinks, and tie rods like 2 days ago and got it aligned yesterday and well. I can't really tell much of a difference to be honest... I mean its feels a bit tighter but other than that its not too different or so I thought. Well turns out you can't tell the difference until the car is traveling in a lateral motion lol. Big difference when sliding the car. I went out in the rain yesterday and slid some off ramps with like total control. Much better feedback through the wheel and overall more predictable well worth the money.

Now the next thing is that I am driving in another event this Sunday and its a practice event so I thought I would use it to coach the other members of my team. Really we don't even have a name for it yet, and currently I am the best driver out of the bunch and thats not saying much. Well anyway Alan is going to be driving my car and trying to learn how to drift. The car is a decent setup so he really shouldnt have to much trouble.

Now I just have to survive on like 10 bucks till next wed.

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