13 June 2009

Ha I fail again :3

So I barely slept saturday night and got up to leave for the event at like 7 am since it was 2 hours away and opened up at 9 am. Went met up with ryan and picked up my buddy Alan. we wrived at the track kinda late and went through tech pretty smoothly found out there was no tire machine and were bummed about that. it was almost 2 pm before we were able to start driving since we were in the last run group of the day.

First I went and ran the time attack course and I was leaking some coolent from my rad cap... shit, well I'll just keep running, started leaking more and more FUCK!...

well the caps seals broke and not any normal rad cap fits its bimmer specific. So I tried letting it cool down and putting more water in it and sealing the cap with electrical tape but no dice, did about 30 other things till finnally a very nice man named Sean (Thanks man) let me barrow his rad cap from his E30 and I finnally got out on the track missed my entire run group. So I decided that I was just going to get the track time I missed and drove in another group, they didnt seem to mind or more likely didnt notice. The whole time im like pounding down Monsters and getting sun baked.

The course was pretty challenging, I think I linked it clean a total of 2 times meh. I didnt make it to the eliminations and pretty much sucked in general. complete off day for me. well anyway here are some videos. I made it home at about 3 am to wake up at 5 am for work, I was hating life lol

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