07 August 2009

Updates: My assuming that you care lol

Well I have been pretty short on cash lately so no recent recorded hoonage, but I am planning on going up and watching the redline time attack event that is being run about 30 mins west of where I live. It will be held at the carolina motorsports complex. So far I have driven by the track never actually been to the facility. It looks like a really nice place and I just want to go out and watch some built time attack monsters go at it. Plus I have nothing better to do that day.

There is a drift event this sunday as well in charlotte and well I don't have the cash or the will power to get my car ready to go drive. I should still be going up there to watch/network/instruct and such whatever ratio of each ends up happening.

also I realized that I never posted a breakdown of what has been done to the car so far so I'll try to make a list since I get asked all the time

Chassis - 1998 BMW 328is coupe
Engine - 1997 BMW M3 US spec S52B32

Engine upgrades
- Eurosport carbon intake
- M50 Intake manifold
- Clutch fan delete
- Jim Conforti Shark injector
- Bimmerhaus 3" auto-x exhaust
- so maybe around 230whp (haven't dyno'ed it with the M50 manifold yet)

Suspension upgrades
- Ground control/Koni Track/school coilovers
- Front spring rate eibach 550lb/in (10kg/mm) Rear Swift 780lb/in (14kg/mm)
- UUC swaybars
- Treehouseracing Eyeball arms
- Ground control camber caster plates
- Turner motorsport full aluminum differential bushings
- Factory steering angle limiting tie rod lock washers replaced with flat.
- Polyurethane Rear trailing arm bushings
- BMW motorsport Front under X-Brace

Drivetrain Upgrades
- M3 3.23 rear differential rebuilt for 50% lock
- UUC Transmission mounts with enforcers
- M3 Guibo
- Rogue Short shifter
- F1 racing stage 3 clutch
- F1 racing 16lb LWT flywheel

- Full factory interior
- Sunroof removed
- Powered By Max Hydraulic Hand brake
- Stock crappy leather electric seats which adjustments are broken
- stock steering wheel (falling apart)

- smoked clear stuff
- Ebay Headlights with built in weak halo's
- Various Body mods courtesy of walls (dents, bumps, scrapes, completely ziptied on rear bumper, etc)

thats all I can remember


  1. How easy would you say it is to drift a nearly stock e36 m3. Im looking to buy a daily driver/ drifter but i would rather not join the 240sx/ae86 regular drift car club just yet. Any tips/advice ?

  2. they are pretty easy to drift stock, M3's have good power and they come factory with an LSD. The only thing I would do with a stock one would be remove the limiters on the tie rods that reduce the amount of steering lock you have. Its a real simple job too and it doesn't cost anything.

  3. I would love to see your car. Maybe in a video or photo album posted here. =)