23 April 2011

Korean driftin' an shiiii.....

So here are some of the pics I took from that korean Drift event I went to (The same one from the video). This was my first try at shooting stills and video for an event with a decent camera. Let me know what you think

The event was 97% hyundai genesis's. There where only two other cars that were not of the korean variety. There was ONE S13 and one 350z. Such an odd thing when you are used to events in the states where 90% of the cars are nissans.

This is such a DA rip off haha

I love the horns, they didn't play them while I was there though :(

Everybody has kAAz stickers on their cars. I asked what was up with that and apparently they are the only after-market LSD manufacturer that makes one for the BK chassis.

The day started off rather wet with rain and mist, but as the event kicked off the sun came out and dryed the whole track out rather quickly.

These three cars where owned by "PRO's" the two greenish ones were described to me as the two best drifters in korea.

They definitely had some of the most modified cars at the event.

This one was the 3.8L V6 model with a fully custom single turbo setup. Besides the turbo itself none of these parts are off the shelf.

Here is another picture of the same car.

This was the only S13 at the event, guy was doing pretty good too.

This car is owned by Richard Kim, he is an american who lives in korea for working purposes and was my ride up to the event. He is a really cool guy, Thanks again Richard!

I bet the Z33 feels a bit out of place.

This car was a beast, 3.8L V6 with a loud ass supercharger. The driver was quite good as well winning the little competition they held at the end of the day.

Not one of these cars were towed to the track, the event had a very "run what ya brung" feel to it.

The sound of the supercharger made me pay alot of attention to this car. I have so many pictures of it lol.

Here is another picture of Richard

This part of the course was giving most of the drivers problems, it seemed pretty difficult to link the previous corner to the hairpin.

The S13 killing the back sweeper.

Richard Pumping out some smoke


Thats all I got for right now thanks for reading.

The next thing I post will probably be from germany as I will be living there in less than 3 weeks.


  1. Nice Pictures. Do you know where the drifit event was? I am living in Seoul now and would love to head out to some drift events. Cheers.

  2. It was up about 1 hour north of seoul right next to the border of the DMZ.

    I slept most of the way up there and back so I couldn't tell you how to get there.