11 April 2010

Catching up pt 2

There was event the very next weekend and I had that whole week to get my front sway bar hooked up. Yeah that should be enough time cause i all I needed was the little bracket to hook the drivers side up to. Sure would only take a minute. Yeah.... my lazy ass never got around to it soo I pretty much just drove the event without any sway bars at all again. But I did end up getting my longer wheel bolts in the mail so I could run my sweet wheels with my dunlop Z1's up front. Now this event went off without much of a hitch except for the fact I was a dumbass and kept disregarding the exit of the course pretty much all day.

Now I was told by the judges that If I had driven through the actual exit of the course (marked by the cones that were standing up) I would have qualified 2nd and would have moved on to tandem. But because I am a retard I got a off course on pretty much all of my runs. I mean I pretty much drove to the right of the exit all day. See here is another one in practice where I was giving my dad's G/F a ride.

But a good thing happened that day, my Team mate and good buddy Mitch Durfee ended up qualifying for tandem and fought his way to get third place! This was his first event doing tandem and he killed it out there even without having powersteering in the car.

Tandem Fun run with me and mitch

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