11 April 2010

got some catching up to do

So time for a epicly long post.

I haven't posted on here for a while due to sheer lazyness. But now that I am bored I will fill you in on what hath happened in the last month or so.

Well the night before the Street wise drift event at Charlotte motorspeedway I sheered a control arm balljoint shank clean off. Yeah sheered the fuck off. I am not sure how this happened but all I know I was making a U turn because drove past Nickles Garage by mistake and right as I am turning the car just falls on the ground and goes straight into the grass. I get out of the car and my lower control arm is actually outside of the car and my wheel has some crazy demon camber shit going on. I start going into freakout mode. Then I remembered that we had two E30's sitting at the shop that I could jack a control arm off of. Now mind you my car is still halfway in highway 261 and cars are going by at about 60 mph or so. Sooo I needed to get the control arms swapped out FAST. I pretty much ended up doing most of the work myself, Travis and Kyle brought most of the tools over so that was a big help and Mitch letting me use the tools from the shop was also a godsend.

I ended up working on this whole control arm deal for about 2 1/2 hours, pulling the spare arm off the e30 and then installing it on my car all the while it was dark and raining. Ohh and guess what!! My new wheels... you know the awesomely sick Gotti's? Yeah well the hubs on those are thicker than a normal E36 wheel soooo I was only catching 2 threads on them. Found that out when trying to put them back on. So I put my old wheels back on which right now have crappy used slide tires on them Great...

So the next morning we left a bit late for the event so we averaged like 90mph to get there on time and I tried all morning to get to a BMW dealership and see if they had longer wheel bolts (fucking Germans) yeah... not only did they not have longer ones they didn't have any oops I meant to say they had ONE wheel bolt. So that was a complete waste of almost 2 hours and meant that I missed the whole first practice session completely.

Soo I just had to go out on the crappy sumitomo whatever front tires and do what I knew how to do and try to get the course down before the comp runs. Also as a result from the sheered control arm deal I was also running with no front sway bar and I had been driving without a rear sway bar a for a little while as well (no events though)

here is some video though.

That was pretty much my best run of the day. I had only 5 practice runs to get the course down, and with the car handling radically different from what I was used to (no sways, shit tires up front) I was happy with that. Plus I ended up placing third! Hell to the yea!

Seeing as this post is already too long I'll make a part 2 for the rest of the shizz.

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